Tired of Spinning Your Wheels and Getting No Where? May 22nd, 2013

Plain and simply… if you want different results you can’t do the same old thing. Our company has a sales background and our software was created by salespeople for salespeople. Not only will we train you on the dialer and provide you free ongoing and training support, we’ll give you the following: Scripts to use [...]

What Do You Need Leads For? April 24th, 2013

Many of our customer provide their own contacts to call, but if you need a source for names to call we can give you access to unlimited consumer and business leads at www.SalesDataList.com… all for $39 per month or $299 for 12 months. No time restrictions… No max number of leads per day… No contracts… [...]

Sales Call Reluctance April 15th, 2013

Shannon Goodson and George Dudley wrote a book several years ago called, “The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance.” They interviewed over 11,000 sales people. Here is what they found: 80 percent of all new sales people fail because of call reluctance. 40 percent of all veterans stop prospecting because of call reluctance. You will make [...]

5 Tips for Coping with Cranky Customers December 18th, 2012

Unreasonable customers are always a pain, but they’re especially prevalent and stressful during the holiday shopping rush. Just ask Anton Skorucak, founder and CEO of xUmp.com, an online retailer of scientific educational supplies, toys and gifts. The company used to give customers a choice between ground and next-day air shipping on holiday orders. Often, they would [...]

How to Stop Offering Free Advice and Make the Sale December 10th, 2012

Customers will not appreciate you, your company or for that matter, your advice until they pay for it. The greatest challenge for the expert is not giving away free information but that most have not taken the time to become great at closing the deal. Here are some tips that will ensure you begin making [...]

Seven Secrets to Cold Calling Success December 5th, 2012

David Ortiz, a trained chef who had been running his own financial-planning firm since 1997, renamed his business Financial Chef last year and started meeting with prospects over meals he’d cooked himself. Wining and dining potential clients certainly made Ortiz and his Miami, Fla., business stand out, but when it came to cold calling prospects, he [...]

Sales Prospecting in Two Easy Steps November 15th, 2012

The number one issue people have in sales is sales prospecting — trying to find new customers. I think it ranks ahead of closing, negotiating and every other part of the sales process. With that said let me break down into two easy steps everything I’ve ever taught others or done myself with regard to [...]

How to Have Effective Coaching Leads November 12th, 2012

Now you have a list with lots of clients interested in your coaching niche and you are ready to place the calls. How can you make sure you will be effective? To help you having productive calls, we’ve gathered some practical tips from other coaches based on their experience. Tip 1: Define your objective for [...]

Slower Sales Calls Lead to More Sales Success November 9th, 2012

Every entrepreneur knows that effective selling skills are critical to business success. But they often unwittingly make fundamental mistakes in the selling process. Kevin Davis, president of TopLine Leadership Inc., a sales and sales management training firm, and author of the new book Slow Down, Sell Faster!, offers some advice for entrepreneurs. What’s the one selling skill [...]

Cold Calling Leads – Should You Be Cold Calling Leads? November 8th, 2012

If you are reading this article, I assume you belong to either of these categories: i)You have been cold calling leads without much success ii)You want to try cold calling but is not sure how to do it. Whichever category you belong to, I am going to show you an alternative method of communicating with [...]

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