Are You Catching These Prospect Warning Signs May 23rd, 2012

“Yikes,” I exclaimed as a godawful screeching noise filled the car. We were driving downhill on a narrow twisting road in Escalante National Park enjoying the surreal landscape. It was the first day of our long drive home. “It’s the brakes,” my husband said calmly. Instantaneously, my eyes widened and my palms started sweating. I [...]

5 Ways to Earn a Prospect’s Trust May 23rd, 2012

Earning a prospect’s or customer’s respect is something that top sales people consistently manage to achieve. But earning that respect can be difficult and is difficult for many sales people. However, when you achieve that goal, the likelihood of capturing a sale from that prospect increases substantially. Here are 5 ways you can earn a [...]

Cold Calling is Fun! May 23rd, 2012

Don’t worry – I haven’t lost my mind. (Yet.) Cold calling isn’t fun. You know it and I know it. So why did I say that? Because I can remember countless times when I heard someone say, “Cold calling is fun!” In fact, I even did it once. It’s true. Early on in my sales [...]

Put an End to Sales Prospecting Procrastination : Part 2 March 7th, 2012

In our last article, we talked about why we avoid certain sales activities even though they’re essential for success. We then unwrapped prospecting, probably the most common activity sellers avoid. Today let’s examine why we avoid proposal follow-up and account management, and talk about strategies to avoid these. Proposal Follow-up – It’s not about you [...]

No One Makes Excuses When Winning February 27th, 2012

When a sales team (or salesperson) is making quota, you don’t hear excuses like: “Cold calling doesn’t work” “Prospects don’t respond to voicemails” “Gatekeepers won’t let me speak to the decision maker” “No one has any money right now. Budgets are frozen” “Our pricing is too high / our competitors pricing is better” “The leads [...]

Doing Business or Doing Business Now February 27th, 2012

Have you ever known anyone to simply wake up one morning, grab a cup of coffee and decide, “Today I am going to go spend $50,000 on a car, boat, stock, trip or home…”? No one in their right mind makes high value purchases like these spontaneously. They spend time researching and then look for [...]

Referrals: How to Get Them and Keep Them Coming February 22nd, 2012

As business owners, we love referrals from our happy customers. They typically produce the best prospects because a recommendation from a customer provides credibility and reduces doubt in the prospects mind. But do you actively seek them out or simply cross your fingers and hope they come? Customers who love what you do want to [...]

3 Reasons Prospects Ignore Your Emails February 20th, 2012

In a perfect world, every email we send to a potential client would be read and responded to right away. Unfortunately, many of our prospects are too busy to even look at all the messages they receive, much less act on them. By avoiding the most common mistakes other people make, savvy sellers like you [...]

Relationship Selling: Don’t Propose Marriage on the First Date!!! February 15th, 2012

Yesterday, I said “You have to sell first – prove yourself first – before you can hope to develop a relationship. Leading with the notion that you can build any sort of relationship from the outset, is hopelessly out of touch – but that is precisely what around 90% of front-line sales professionals are still [...]

4 Ways to Sell When You’re Not The Lowest Price? February 13th, 2012

How Can You Sell When You’re Not The Lowest Price? I wish I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question in a sales training session. It’s certainly one of the most common questions I hear coming from professional salespeople – and their bosses. There are a variety of answers — too [...]

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