Best Ways to get FSBO Leads August 15th, 2013

Originally posted on by: Scott Friedman I’m going on the premise that you now realize FSBO’s need your service, based on reading my last post. The problem is that FSBO’s don’t know this to be true. It’s a little like an intervention where you know the person is hurting themselves, but they don’t think [...]

How to Find, Hire, Train and Compensate a Telemarketer to Make Your Calls. June 1st, 2012

So you’re an insurance agent, real estate agent or other professional and you’re getting frustrated with your lead source. You’ve done direct mail where you’re getting less than a 1% return and other leads are either too expensive, shared with other agents or have just dried up. And you know other agents that are having [...]

Reap007 and April 7th, 2011

Reap 007 provides the leads and provides that dialer that you need to effectively and efficiently call you leads and make sales. Reap 007 delivers quality realtor leads that will fit your calling needs. provides a quality dialer for you dial your leads. With you have a variety of plans and packages [...]

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    "I can honestly say for the first time ever I had a good time making cold calls. After using this software there is no way I will go back to hand dialing again."
    Brett L. AZ