10 Reasons Not To Stage Your Home February 27th, 2012

1.  We want to test the market for 90 days. And on the 91st day?  Price reduction–and 90 days worth of potential buyers who have already eliminated your property. 2. It costs too much money. I have never seen a home where the staging costs would have exceeded the first price reduction.  And that doesn’t [...]

Is Your Inside Sales Team Making Quota? February 10th, 2012

If Not, Keep Reading… Brace yourself. I’m going to share with you a shocking truth: Most B2B inside sales reps are lacking the basic skills to sell by phone. Sure, they may know how to sell when the calls are flooding in. But selling in today’s B2B environment requires a different set of phone skills [...]

7 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid to Build a Profitable Small Business February 2nd, 2012

While experience can be a great teacher, learning from others’ experiences–successes and failures–can save you time, money and a lot of frustration. So when it comes to growing your small business, here are some mistakes you want to avoid or fix. Mistake No. 1: I Can Do It On My Own Most of us became [...]

5 Leadership Actions to Kick Start a New Year January 24th, 2012

The beginning of the year is a typical time to read these types of suggestions. In many ways we ascribe a special significance to the beginning of the year as a time to proactively do things to improve our future. These actions are just as relevant whenever you may be reading (or re-reading) this – [...]

The New Cold Call – It’s NOT Cookie Cutter November 30th, 2011

“Jeffrey, come down to the office, there’s a guy here who has cookies for you! They’re those Biscoff cookies, the ones that you like.” How could I resist? I love those cookies. I’ve eaten them for years, predominately on airplanes, more predominately on Delta. They also have them in the Delta lounge, and occasionally you [...]

Allstate Agency Marketing Dialer October 18th, 2011

Quadruple Line Power Dialer Dial Four Lines At Once For Up To 400 Calls Per Hour and Increase Call Productivity by over 400% SalesDialers.com is the leading dialer company for Allstate agent their market. We are an A rated BBB company based in Georgia with offices in Dallas. SalesDialers.com is entrenched in the NE, South, [...]

New Features Released: Real Time Leads Alerts and MORE! September 21st, 2011

Now, with your real time leads: They are listed in a popup window The alerts can be viewed in a separate page You can “click-to-call” your real time leads Other features that you will definitely enjoy are: The ability to add a location to your call reminders and appointments Viewing all appointments that are scheduled [...]

FREE Webinar: The Top Producer Roadmap: The 3-Step Approach to Becoming Your Prospect’s ONLY Choice

Join Bottom Line Solutions and Salesdialers.com int his exciting webinar so that you can gain a fresh, new concept for how to think about your business to ensure you turn virtually every prospect into a lifelong client. Discover how simple office processes can close sales you would otherwise lose, the REAL secret to create true [...]

Webinar: Two Tactics that can Generate Commission in 7 Days!

This upcoming webinar will be a game-changer for you, and the best part is you can attend Free! To learn more and reserve your space, go to:  http://www2.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?id=ea3c64169f This webinar actually marks the beginning of our alliance with one of the leading sales and marketing firms in the industry!  We’re so excited about this partnership [...]

New Features Released: Real-time Alerts and Campaign Wise Statistics July 28th, 2011

It’s here! What you all have been waiting for! Real-time Alerts – Now whenever you receive a real-time alert you: Can download the recorded on the “Calling Reports” page and e-mail this file to the user. Create custom target fields during auto campaign creation of real-time leads. Have real-time lead notification alerts in the User [...]

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