10 Tips to Kick-start Your Sales Skills April 22nd, 2014

Learning to sell yourself, and your product or service, is one of the biggest challenges as a startup. Here’s how to master the basics. After creating her fashion jewelry line KiraKira in 2006, Suzanne Somersall Allis knew her year of design school and dual degree in English and art history hadn’t prepared her to run [...]

It’s not failure. It’s failure to do your best. April 21st, 2014

I’m often asked, “Why do salespeople fail?” The answer is: They don’t fail. They fail to be their best. They fail to do their best. They fail to think their best. And they fail to take the best actions to help them succeed. There are symptoms that allow either a sales leader or the salesperson [...]

Stuck At Your Current Level? April 17th, 2014

ORBIT POWER…every Salesperson has their own universe. Every Salesperson has a circumference that they operate within. Let’s refer to this circumference as your “orbit”. Your orbit will determine how much business is available for you to attract. Think about it, if your orbit is 500 people then you are in a position to attract twice as much [...]

Warming Up to Cold Calls: How to Boost Your ROI and Efficiency April 15th, 2014

We’ve all been hung up on. Some of us might have even been yelled at or berated for calling at an inconvenient time. Most people would rather have their teeth pulled than make a cold call. However, cold calls are necessary. Many companies don’t have enough warm leads to fill sales reps’ quota demands. Cold [...]

Six Ways to Handle the “I’m Not Interested” Blow Off April 14th, 2014

You use blow off statements all the time.  Think about your response to a sales rep at a department store who asks you, “Can I help you find something?”  Your typical response is probably something like, “Oh, I’m just looking.”  That is not an objection (because the sales rep hasn’t pitched you anything yet), but [...]

The 10 Laws of Sales Success April 2nd, 2014

Follow these rules, and selling will become one of the easiest tasks you’ll undertake. A recent Gallup poll on the honesty and ethical conduct of business professionals found that insurance salespeople and car salespeople ranked at the bottom of the list. Bet you’re not surprised to hear this. But did you know that it’s not [...]

Nobody Ever Listened Themselves Out Of A Sale March 21st, 2014

In my youth I was told many times that one day I would be a great salesman because I had the “gift of gab.” This became a real problem for me until it finally sank in that the most successful sales professionals I knew actually listened more than they talked. The legendary Ben Feldman, the [...]

8 Tips for a Successful Sales Call March 20th, 2014

Learn the vital telephone skills every salesperson needs to avoid rejection. Too many people in business look at the telephone as an anchor–that’s how they feel about lifting it when they have to make outgoing calls to potential clients. For some, you’d think it was covered with spiders or that it might electrocute them if [...]

Jolt Your Prospects to Get Their Attention March 18th, 2014

As I write this, I’m flying home (via Delta) from a speaking engagement in Orlando. I fly a lot; it’s part of my business. When the flight attendants give their safety overview, I never pay attention. I could practically do it by heart myself. Same for the video that cover these details. Boring. So why [...]


It use to be that your time clock was the sun. You worked from daylight until dusk to produce a successful harvest. There was no understanding of working a “9 to 5″. No populist “need to be balanced” explanation for working less. You weren’t smarter because you worked less. There was only one reason why [...]

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