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LITE Plus MAX SalesDialersPro
Description Single Line CRM Dialer 3 Line CRM Dialer 4 Line CRM Dialer Voice Blast & Press One System
MINUTE PRICE n/a n/a n/a 0.024
HOURLY PRICE $3/hour $4/hour $5/hour n/a
(Unlimited Usage)
(Unlimited Usage)
(Unlimited Usage)
Single Line Dialer (1:1 Call Ratio) Up to 25 Lines
Double Line Dialer (2:1 Call Ratio) Up to 25 Lines
Triple Line Dialer (3:1 Call Ratio) Up to 25 Lines
Quad Line Dialer (4:1 Call Ratio) Up to 25 Lines
Add Pictures, Videos and Slideshows to Email
Answering Machine Avoidance
Call into Servers via Landline or Cell Phone
Call into Servers via Soft Phone
Call Recording
Call Transfer Features External-Free External-Free External-Free
Campaign, List and Sound Management
Change Caller ID
Click-to-Call Dialing
Client Management via Integrated C.R.M.
Cloud-Based for Access Anywhere
CRM Integration Support
Custom Dispositions
Customer History and Auto Notes
Daily Planner for Appts and Call Reminders
Daily Planner Synch with Gmail Calendar and Outlook Calendar
Email and Chat Support N/A
Email Blasts, Drip Emails and Emails On-The-Fly
FTC Call Abandonment Meter
FTC Compliance: Time Zone Protection N/A
Import Leads – Excel
Import Leads – Lead Vendors with API Integration
Lead Management via Integrated CRM
Live Customer Care
Pre-recorded Message Drop for Answering Machines
Real-Time Lead Alerts
Real-time Reporting and Agent Statistics
Remote/Home Agents
Sync with Outlook
Sync with Gmail Calendar
Automated Surveys
Immediate Message Playback
Direct Transfer
Press 1 Campaigns
Immediate Live and Answering Machine
Live Person Direct Transfers

  • Testimonials

    “I’m a tracking geek. I love spreadsheets and figuring out ratios. For hand dialing its a pad of paper and pen. However, this spits out cool reports so I can track everything.”
    John H. NYC