New Features Released: Real Time Leads Alerts and MORE!

Now, with your real time leads:

  • They are listed in a popup window
  • The alerts can be viewed in a separate page
  • You can “click-to-call” your real time leads

Other features that you will definitely enjoy are:

  • The ability to add a location to your call reminders and appointments
  • Viewing all appointments that are scheduled for the day to avoid conflicts

Stay tuned in for more to come!

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  • Testimonials

    “What a great productivity tool! I have literally quadrupled my productivity overnight! The production increases immediately because I am reaching prospects that I might not have even contacted in the past. I’m also so much more efficient in my calling hours because the dialer is doing all the work and calling four prospects at once! It has freed up my days tremendously for other sales opportunities as well since I spend less time on the phone manually dialing. The platform is easy to use and the tech support is quick! Two thumbs up!”
    Tad Buchoz, Newport Beach, CA