New features on SalesDialers

We’ve been hard at work the past couple weeks and have some new features out today. I’ll go through them briefly here.

  1. Time zone protection to comply with FTC regulations. The system stops you from making calls to area codes that are earlier than 9AM or later than 9PM. You can set this up when you create a new campaign.
    Time Zone Protection: on
  2. International calling  to UK, Europe, West Africa. You’ll need to contact sales if you need this.
  3. We now show you call statistics as soon as you’ve completed a campaign.
  4. You can now see ALL your custom fields when you’re talking to a prospect, and lastly,
  5. New Feature Alert – we let you know as soon as you log in if there’s something new waiting for you!

Here’s wishing you a productive day ahead!


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  • Testimonials

    “I’m a tracking geek. I love spreadsheets and figuring out ratios. For hand dialing its a pad of paper and pen. However, this spits out cool reports so I can track everything.”
    John H. NYC