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SalesDialers.com main toll free number is 800-662-4009

Email: Sales@SalesDialers.com

SalesDialers.com has offices in Dallas, TX and India, with its administrative office located in the beautiful historic city of Savannah, GA at 315Commercial Court Suite 4, Savannah, GA 31405.

The company was created by a group of sales professionals that found a need for certain features in CRM dialing software. We have a wide variety of clients that we cater to including Colonial Life, Benefit Mall, Coto Financial, Allstate, State Farm, and Insphere. Some of the fastest growing companies in the world now use our product, SalesDialers.com.

Founded in June of 2009, we have grown not only as a company but in customer satisfaction. Rated A with the Better Business Bureau, we stand behind our product and how it can help generate more sales for the “average” businessman. We are constantly updating and bringing out new features to make us bigger and better.

SalesDialers.com is committed to providing a high-quality solution and excellent support to all of our future and current clients.


Gary Prado – President of Sales and Marketing

Gary brings his 15 years of experience in sales and marketing to SalesDialers.com. He works on marketing, sales, and contracts with various companies, and with the help of the SalesDialers.com team he engineers the direction of SalesDialers.com. Gary enjoys volunteering at Savannah Christian Church, spending time with his family, and working out. You can reach Gary via e-mail at gary@salesdialers.com or at 800.662.4009 ext 6

Kevin – Client Support Specialist

By way of background, Kevin has extensive experience in customer support functionality and has worked in 3 different countries that include organizations like Etisalat, UAE handling different type of customers/multiple customer issues. He is an engineering graduate with a good technical background in Telecom domain. You can reach Kevin via e-mail at kevin@salesdialers.com. 

Eric Hickman – Level 1 Tech Specialist

Eric brings to the table over 5 years of customer service experience and always puts the customers needs first. He is a Science graduate and handles general technical support, basic troubleshooting needs, and goes in depth with general “how-to” questions. Eric has lived his entire life in the south, and when he is not working, he enjoys mentally stimulating pursuits such as chess and researching history. You can reach Eric via e-mail at eric@salesdialers.com or at 800.662.4009 ext 3

Cory Prado – National Sales Manager

Cory has an extensive sales and insurance background that helps him relate to many of our customers. He also used SalesDialers.com as a customer before coming to work for us as a full-time member of the staff. Some of his responsibilities include marketing, inside and outside sales, support and customer nurturing. When not working he spends time enjoying the local culture, golf, exercising, and time with family and friends. You can reach Cory via e-mail at cory@salesdialers.com or at 800.662.4009 ext 5


Nelson Griswald

Nelson Griswold is the insurance industry’s recognized authority on cross-selling and solution-based selling.

A former senior executive and top producer with a national enrollment firm, Nelson founded Bottom Line Solutions, Inc. to help producers succeed at cross-selling and to elevate themselves from an insurance salesperson into the client’s “trusted advisor” by following his proprietary Advisory Selling® system.

Their clients include carriers such as Humana, Assurant, RBC Insurance of Canada, Trustmark and agencies across the U.S.
His innovative approach to cross-selling is the result of Nelson’s own real-world, trial-and-error search for success cross-selling voluntary benefits. After analyzing the attitudes and cross-selling efforts of hundreds of brokers, from those who refused to cross-sell to those who were highly successful, Nelson took the methods and strategies of the most successful brokers and synthesized them into his own system for cross-selling that turned him into a top producer. That proven system is the basis for the Cross-Sell Solutions System.

Nelson is a featured speaker and keynote presenter at industry conferences and trade events and serves on the Board of the Workplace Benefits Association.

Nelson writes monthly columns for Employee Benefit Adviser magazine and Producers eSource online magazine. The author of numerous white papers, his work has appeared in leading industry publications. The article “Four Steps to Cross-Selling Voluntary” in the March 2008 Benefits Selling featured his systematized approach to help brokers cross-sell worksite.

Nelson lives in Nashville with his wife, Elizabeth, and two great teenagers.

Scott Cantrell

As a Senior Marketing Strategies at Bottom Line Solutions, Scott Cantrell works to provide producers, agencies, carriers, and other insurance industry vendors with comprehensive and customized sales and marketing strategies.

Not only does Scott work to develop the most complete sales and marketing programs, he also helps integrate them into the organization through detailed and interactive training and evaluation. This interaction with senior management, line managers, producers, and sales reps alike is what makes Cross-Sell Solutions so effective at producing significant, positive results.

Scott has a rich background as a professional communicator, trainer, and strategic marketer. For years, he’s worked as an independent consultant across industries taking the best practices from one industry and successfully applying them in others. His focus as well as that of Cross-sell Solutions is to work with a client to determine their current, specific situation and then develop a detailed plan and system to achieve the client’s vision and goals as efficiently as possible.

Scott is a frequent speaker at industry events and his articles have been published by leading insurance journals in the U.S.
and Canada.

Scott resides in Nashville, TN.

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    "Have over $20K hitting the books with about 12 hours logged in this week. If anyone else has a way to make over $4K in 12 hours call me and let me know."
    John H. NYC